A Registered Platform for a Seamless and Safe Trading Environment -

Platinx Exchange which is registered in India, hence following transparent trading, AML, and KYC Compliance with all the trading and tax regulations made by the regulating authorities in India. Platinx Exchange is a fast, user-centric, and secure Crypto Exchange platform to eliminate trading issues of the Indians as well as global user base.

Better Risk Management & Reliability with Crypto Exchange

Platinx Exchange an Indian crypto trading exchange platform developed using the most modern technologies has been listed as the most reliable and top Crypto Asset on the platform. It will not only help the traders in better investment opportunities but also in better risk management. Platinx Exchange has been developed using more than 10 blockchains, which helps in transparency and assurance.

Do All Your Trading Activities in One Single Platform - Platinx Exchange

India is among one of the fastest-growing crypto markets and PlatinX Exchange is already helping to increase the adoption of crypto through better trading services with the fastest matching engine. Platinx Exchange helps the requirement of multiple Crypto Exchange platforms, as it provides all the services, in one single platform in a unified way.

Deposit and Withdraw in Your Own Currency -

Using Platinx Exchange you can deposit and withdraw INR as well as crypto assets. It can be done using the Platinx Exchange wallet linked to your bank account only after completing your KYC on the Platform.


Platinx Exchange an Indian trading Platform developed using the most modern technologies is an Indian exchange developed keeping in mind Indian as well as global users. It is developed on the most modern technology using the fastest matching engine. PlatinX Exchange has all the required features of a Crypto exchange platform.